Manhattan Psychiatric Services

Initial Consultation - 60 mins 350$
Follow up Appointments are 40 mins and 285$

    • Depression/Mood Boost Package

    Within 8 diverse sessions get treated for mild to moderate depression OR simply boost your mood to feel better. Purchasing 8 sessions allows you to get a discounted rate and invest in yourself with a targeted treatment plan.

    • Anxiety Package

    A 7 session package specifically designed to target your anxiety issues combining various treatments.

    • ADHD

    Get diagnosed and treated within 3 sessions.

    • Medication Management/Maintenance

    If you have been stable on medication(s) for years and looking for medications to be simply renewed then book a follow up brief session here ONLY after an initial consult has been completed.

    • Telemedicine

    Telemedicine available now please book here

    IN OFFICE: Click here to Book Appointment

    VIDEO TELEMEDICINE: Click here to Book Appointment

    • Therapy

    Intersted in Mindfullness

    Energy based ancient healing techniques like reiki, acupuncture etc.

    Supportive psychotherapy - Stress reduction - Bereavement - Current Life Stressor