Narveen Dosanjh - Integrative Psychiatrist in Manhattan NY

Dr Narveen Dosanjh provides psychiatric treatment for depression, anxiety and mental health wellness to patients in Manhattan, NY.

Dr. Narveen Dosanjh is a Medical Doctor and a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has become a leader and visionary in psycho-spiritual integration. She embraces the entire body/mind system as an interdependent unit and treats patients holistically. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Psychiatrist and a unique physician who integrates the best of ancient wisdom and healing practices from around the world with her vast knowledge of modern medicine, holistic medicine, neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, spirituality, mindfulness and metaphysics to restore the mind, body and spirit. Dr. Dosanjh has a successful practice in Manhattan, New York where she has worked with patients from all over the world, all walks of life and industries.

Consult Narveen Dosanjh an integrative psychiatrist for mental health wellness, depression and anxiety treatment and other psychiatric conditions across.

About Dr. Narveen Dosanjh

Dr. Dosanjh is an Integrative Psychiatrist, Intuitive Healer, Life Coach, Positive Psychologist, Mystic, and a Spiritual Teacher who combines supportive therapy and positive psychology with mindfulness based practices, metaphysical principles, intuition, spiritual concepts from around the world.

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