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Life and Wellness Coach in Manhattan, NYC

Dr. Narveen Dosanjh - Manhattan’s top psychiatrist offers mind meditation workshops along with integrative psychiatry treatments for patients across Manhattan, Brooklyn, NY.

Harvard studies show that short daily doses of meditation can literally grow the gray matter in key areas of your brain having to do with self-awareness and compassion and shrink the gray matter in the area associated with stress.

The scientific evidence for meditation is overwhelming. Meditation is medicine. Meditation changes the neurobiology and neurochemistry of the brain and affects the body in numerous positive ways. The science is out so get on board!

When you begin to substitute the many habits in your life that you use for self-soothing (aka self-medicating), anything and everything from food to alcohol to recreational drugs, you will begin to reach to the root of the issue which is the inner desire of the human spirit to fill a void only reachable by connection to transcendence and greater self-awareness.

People have a lot of questions: what is mediation? What is transcendental meditation (a term gaining popularity) vs. other types of meditation and how do I begin to work with it and benefit from it?

This is where Dr.D comes in. By participating in her 30 DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE, you will experience various techniques of meditation including what’s considered to be “transcendental meditation”, yoga, pranayam, mindfulness, and various breathing techniques for a potent experience that will develop over time. Like everything else, it will take an active commitment to an active practice daily. If you are like most, you will need a guide to integrate this into your life in a real way. The meditations will be most effective when done daily around a 15 minute commitment. In just 15-20 minutes daily you can change your brain and change your life.

Dr. D also understands that like all other good habits, such as exercise and dietary changes, it will take more than just telling you to do something because it’s good for you. Human behavior doesn’t work that way. This course allows you to work one on one with a professional well versed in eastern wisdom and western science to help navigate your own transcendence.

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