Focusing carefully on the patient

Dr. Narveen Dosanjh |

Dr. Dosanjh has been my son's doctor for about two years. His previous doctor tried four or more medications on him with disastrous results. The main reason for this experience, I think, is that he is in the large percentage of the population which responds badly to almost all psychotropic medications. Some of those drugs have "deal-breaking" side effects, others are badly designed for their targeted conditions, then are reassigned to another condition for which they are even less appropriate. Dr. Dosanjh is aware of these drug shortcomings, and prescribed my son - the first time - only drugs that improved his well-being. She asked him the important questions and listened carefully to him in order to get things right. She "did no harm" and in fact helped my son a great deal, for which both of us are grateful. Dr. Dosanjh's focus was to improve how he felt, not to try out some product from the available output of the industry. An important part of her prescription is also selecting healthy foods and supplements for him, as well as improved lighting devices. Dr. Dosanjh's Office Manager is Karen Andre, whose conscientiousness with accuracy and timeliness, and responses sometimes at after-hours, is a great match with Dr. Dosanjh's care with the treatment plan.

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